IMEI Changer Software Adjustable For Any Mobile Phone

The IMEI changer software is the solution to avoid a few problems with your mobile phone, as well as the ability for someone to track your physical location. When we’ve already taught you how to track a phone thanks to its IMEI number, we now offer you the option of avoiding any tracking by an individual or company yourself.

How To Change IMEI Number

It is very important to understand that by doing this you will avoid tracking while freeing your cellphone from a series of restrictions that are currently limiting you! Below you will find out what problem situations are solvable thanks to our IMEI changer tool.

Your Cell Phone After Using IMEI Changer Software

What are the benefits of your mobile phone if you decide to use this service? When you finish the IMEI number change activities your phone will no longer be the same. Let’s say you have successfully completed the whole process. Then when you dial *#06# on your phone screen you will get a completely different IMEI number combination.


The main characteristic of this new combination is that only you will know it. You get a special state of your device when neither the manufacturer nor the primary operator has data for the new IMEI. They can no longer know anything about your cell phone. Here you also remove the possibility of someone abusing data from these two companies. Even the creator of this tool has no information about the change. In the new situation, you are the sole owner of your mobile phone IMEI number.

Problems besides monitoring which you will remove forever

If you complete the whole procedure except the main purpose you will also get rid of:

  • The problem of not accepting SIM cards from other mobile operators which are different from your first operator. This means that after you change the IMEI number you can choose a new service from a new carrier without fear that your device will not accept the new SIm card. This problem is most common when buying a cell phone from another person or traveling to another country.
  • Changing the IMEI number will allow you to switch your iPhone to a new iCloud account without any blocking. Resolving this problem is extremely important as there are many iPhone devices that cannot be turned on at all, although they work without any additional software or hardware issues.
  • For Android phones, this process will unlock the Bootloader. This will allow you to use many applications and procedures banned so far.
  • If the phone is blacklisted you will remove it from there. All of a sudden your phone can be used smoothly.

All of these advantages suggest that most mobile phone users should use the IMEI changer software to get rid of all these binding problems. In some cases the viability of using your mobile is questionable. Together with everything else, your new IMEI number is unavailable for tracking.

Practical Use Of The IMEI Changer

To make practical use of our tool you first need to get it on your computer. It runs and it is compatible with any computer running a Windows, Linux or MAC operative system. Fill out the form at the left or at the bottom to get the tool. Enter your valid email address in the first space where you want to receive the tool and in second place just write IMEI Changer.

IMEI Changer

How to change the IMEI number? In a few hours, you will receive the software on your email address. As soon as you get the IMEI changer open it and connect your mobile phone with your computer. You must use a USB connection. After a few seconds, our software will detect your cell device. Then a green “change” button will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the button and wait for a while.

The whole procedure is successful once you receive the notification containing the new IMEI number of your mobile phone.

Types of mobile phones

You are probably wondering if our software supports your mobile phone. Rest assured that the tool will successfully complete the change no matter what brand or model your device is. All types of mobile phones manufactured to date are covered.


We can confidently confirm that future phones will also be supported. The IMEI changer tool will be updated in a timely manner in order to meet all needs when different models are at stake. Do you have iPhone, Samsung, LG, ZTE, Blackberry, Alcatel, Huawei or some other cell phone type? No problem our tool can help you!

If for any reason you have a problem with the request form then use the comment box below to request the tool.

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